We have always thought that jeans are much more than just blue denim and graments. With every frayed hem and patched knee, they are a piece of your self-expression.

We crafted our first pair of jeans in INDIA in 2008 with this philosophy in mind. And we have been making vintage-inspired, great fitting denim for expressive, independent types ever since. We give our denim its distinctive look by literally putting it through the wringer. We rip, mend, sand, fray, patch and wash our pieces often by hand to give them real character and soul. We add authentic hardware and special details inspired by the rugged work wear denim of our pioneers.In addition to giving our jeans their distinctive look and vibe,our passion and vision also inspires our seasonal CODE 61 fashion collections of jackets,pants and accessories that work with or without your denim.
Starting out as a small boutique line the first couple of years, CODE 61 has since become synonymous with great quality, design, and state-of-the-art washes.Often nicknamed as "61", the brand CODE 61 has become not only a household name, but a favorite among youths, fashion editors and stylists.
Today, CODE 61 continues to grow with the addition of MBO retail stores, and an expansion of new distribution networks throughout INDIA and INTERNATIONALLY.